10 years of Rapid Ideas

During the last 10 years, Rapid Ideas was part of the RapidWeaver community developing professional themes and stacks for it. When I started back in 2005, the RapidWeather ecosphere was rather small. This has changed constantly and new web technologies and new developers found the way to RapidWeaver. Today RapidWeaver is one of the best known Webdesign Tools on the Macintosh platform.

New Theme and Stack of the month starting at $0!

We will publish our products for RapidWeaver in a monthly cycle - after each month, the sale ends (maybe not exactly each month). The price of the items can be set by yourself, starting from $0 to whatever amount you think is fine. I once already had a Pay What You Want package called the Revolution-Bundle. I think it is more than fair to have the user choose the price as $1 is different for each buyer (depending on the origin, economy, …).

How long will this be available

Well, of course I can't say yet, if this experiment will work and I still have to pay bills and invest some time. So, if you want to keep this project alive, think about spending some bucks during the checkout even you could get it for free. Or simply spend some money with the Donate button below. No income means I will have to think about it again.

What about support and updates?

There is no support anymore but you can still send me in feature requests and bug reports. I will work on updates when I find some time.

What about demos or previews?

I have to minify the time invested in this project, so there is no demo version for the products and not always a preview of the theme or stack. The best way to test a product is to simply get it and make some tests yourself. When you think the product is useful for your RW site, consider purchasing it from here again and while doing so, spending something to the project or just donate any amount using the donate button below.

Theme and Stack of the Month

GEN Theme

Let your Header Speak

The GEN THEME is a responsive theme with a massive feature set. Especially the very flexible header, the 36 custom colors, included font awesome, the included 15 web fonts that can be set independently for the titles and the body text makes this theme a RW customization dream. The included slideshow on the top of the page is very easy to set up – and you even don’t have to use the Stacks plugin for it. There are many options you can easily set right on the page like the transition effect, to use thumbnails, arrows, the duration.


Get the GEN Theme!

Social Stream Stack

Social Stream Grid

The Social Stream Stack lets you stream content from social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram and google+. Instead of just targetting one network only, you can combine several streams with this stack and they will be loaded on your page in a grid sorted by the published time. Of course the grid is responsive and adjusts perfectly to the screen size.


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Spend some money to keep this project alive

Instead of spend the money on individual products you can also spend any amount to this project by clicking on the button below